Is this course for you?

First-time home buyers

The pitfalls of buying a home are many. Knowledge is power. And passing the course may get you into programs that make a home more affordable.

Experienced home buyers

The market has changed a lot. Even if you’ve bought a house before, it’s smart to make sure you’re up to speed.

Undecided home buyers

Are you ready to buy a home? This course helps you do the thinking you need to do about your budget, your lifestyle, and your long-term goals.

First Time Home Buyer Education Certificate Course

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Preparing for Homeownership: The Big 5

Buying a home is a big deal. We’ve partnered with Framework to bring you a home buyer education course that empowers you to do it right. You’ll get solid on your goals, your budget, and the entire home buying process, from finding an agent to securing a loan to signing on the dotted line. End result: confidence.

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  • Are you ready for homeownership?

    The cost of a home is one thing, the cost of homeownership is another. Can you actually afford it? Do you really want the responsibilities? By the end of the Framework course, you’ll know whether owning a home is right for you.

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  • Getting a grip on your money

    How much house you can afford? Not your max, but what’s comfortable. How’s your credit score, and how can you boost it? The course will help you develop financial goals, prepare a budget, and get real about how much mortgage you want to take on.

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  • Essentials of real estate

    There’s more to it than picking an agent and a home. You’ll learn about real estate title, the role of a real estate agent, types of homes, and types of ownership.

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  • The home buying process

    There’s a lot to know, but here’s some of what the course covers:

    • – Finding the best mortgage loan—there are several types
    • – How to prequalify
    • – What to ask your lender
    • – How to read real estate listings
    • – How to lower your down payment
    • – How to make an offer
    • – Escrow
    • – The purchase agreement
    • – Closing—the most confusing part

  • 5
  • Life as a homeowner

    You’ll come to understand your mortgage statement, home equity, foreclosure, and the responsibilities you take on when you buy a home.

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