NID Congratulates Dr. Ben Carson on His Cabinet Nomination to HUD

NID Congratulates Dr. Ben Carson on His Cabinet Nomination to HUD
NID Anticipates the Focus on Local Community Solutions and the Health Implications of Good Housing
OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, December 6, 2016
We at NID wish to congratulate Dr. Benjamin Carson on his nomination as the Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. As the largest community-based, African-American HUD-approved National Intermediary of housing counseling and education services, NID National and its branch offices work and live in the communities that are central to HUD’s mission and will be strongly affected under Dr. Carson’s administration. We look forward to continuing our local efforts to stabilize urban communities and increase wealth production in these communities under the guidance of growth-minded national policies.
For many residents in the communities that we serve at NID, the possibility of homeownership begins with certified housing counseling and education. Numerous, data-based studies have shown that HUD-approved housing counseling and education can lead families from a rental mindset into a homeownership mindset and begin building generational wealth. Housing counseling and education has been shown to improve credit scores, reduce mortgage delinquency, and improve the overall financial health of the individual and family. In other words, HUD-approved housing counseling and education creates better business partners and stewards of wealth in communities desperately needing renewal and sustainable growth.
While we at NID continue to work with HUD on issues of national importance, we understand that with appropriate access to fair and competitive products and services, our communities have the potential to rejuvenate from within. The incredible diversity in our nation’s cities requires local solutions to local challenges, and NID stands at the forefront of these local initiatives with branch offices across the country. We are encouraged to work with the incoming Secretary in translating federal support from HUD into local, wealth-building solutions, centered around stable housing.
NID further applauds Dr. Carson’s experience and understanding of the importance of housing to the health of the individual, the family, and the community. We agree with Dr. Carson that, “[W]e cannot have a strong nation if we have weak inner cities.” NID anticipates that Dr. Carson’s experience and understanding of proper health care will highlight how stable and affordable housing is inextricably linked with the health outcomes of our cities and communities. NID’s housing counseling and education clients often face daunting health, employment, and financial challenges when they first meet with a counselor. Stabilizing housing outcomes for our communities must also mean stabilizing the health, employment, and financial outcomes for our neighbors. Fortunately, we have learned, they are co-dependent, and that a healthy housing community has much better chances of maintaining physical and psychological health.
We at NID understand the often-overlooked importance of HUD programs, funding, and support to the growth and stabilization of our local communities. We encourage and support Dr. Carson in bringing his interdisciplinary knowledge as an accomplished healthcare professional into the Department’s approach to community stabilization and growth. We look forward to working with the incoming administration to develop and execute local wealth-building opportunities to stabilize the health of our neighbors and the future of their housing.
NID-HCA is a diverse, centralized network of advocacy groups and individuals, organizations, housing counselors, real estate professionals, community groups, civic organizations and faith-based organizations committed to ensuring fair housing opportunities for all, especially in underserved urban/minority communities throughout the country. As an advocacy, policy, education, and resource network, NID-HCA works to provide its partners and the communities they serve with information, services, and products to assist them in increasing access to quality housing and mortgage products, and curbing housing inequities.
NID VP Development
Steven Hicks

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