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Thank you  for your interest in becoming an NID-HCA Approved Branch or Housing Counselor. When you join NID-HCA, you receive backing from a national organization with a history of long-standing success. You instantly gain NID-HCA’s experience and brand recognition. Our network is an integral part of strengthening

Initial Application to become an NID-HCA Branch Manager or Housing Counselor. You will receive a response to your initial application within 14 days. Should you be selected to proceed with certification, the process will take up to 60 days.  

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We Specialize in providing in-person counseling in your community.

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  • National Office Headquarters
    NID-Housing Counseling Agency
    7677 Oakport Street, Suite 1030
    Oakland, CA 94621
  • 1-877-670-7360
  • 1-888-334-8325