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Making Home Affordable
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Financial Literacy Is The Key To Financial Wealth

Developing a Spending Plan

Do you ever wonder where all your money goes? Can you only afford the minimum payment on bills? Developing a spending plan will help you to take control of your financial future. Some of you may already be familiar with how to budget, but others may not be. A budget is simply a plan for spending and saving money. It allows you to see your total income and where that income is going.

Why Budget?

The primary purpose of a budget is to find out where your money is going and to help control spending. To see exactly how can help you do the following exercise for one week: keep track of every purchase you make for a week, along with your standard monthly bills. Once you determine where your money is going, it is easier to see where you can save and improve spending habits.

Study Objective: Download the weekly spending tracking form
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